Just got another update from the cool dudes over at EA who’re working on Dead Space. They’ve got some new stuff to show off and seem genuinely excited about it. It makes sense. Every new detail or bit of footage shown from the game is enough to make any survival horror fan cream their pants.

For example, the below video that you may have seen online in the last couple of days. Looks like this time dismemberment is the way to go to take down your enemies. It’s not going to be easy to kill these creatures. Or, as my considerably more ghetto friend put it- “Motherfucker! Can’t a nigga just shoot a zombie in the head no more?”

How great are those creature designs looking? That gun looks fun as hell to wield, as well. Man, I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

Along with this the comic is still coming along. The third one is available right here, and now they’re officially at the halfway mark of the prequel series. Their blog is still going strong as well, and the guys are promising us upcoming trailers that reveal even more cool details. There’s also rumblings about a big promotion they’ll be running this week. Keep an eye here for future updates…

(Speaking of updates! A new trailer just went online on Gametrailers that shows off some more dismemberment, and also a look at the awesome anti-gravity sections. Check it out!)