Eric Red (Near Dark) is planning on biting into vampires once again, this time with a project entitled Nightlife.

Red spoke with the gang over at Icons of Fright recently, while gabbing about his upcoming directorial effort 100 Feet, and he had the following to offer on what we can expect from Nightlife‘s story:

“It’s a contemporary vampire story set in San Francisco. (Where Red plans on shooting the film.) It’s very graphic in terms of violence and sexuality. It’s about a girl who comes to San Francisco looking for her missing sister. She received a letter from her and she’s come to find her and she meets this guy who’s very handsome and charismatic and successful who was friends with her sister, and he wants to help her find her. This guy, of course, is a vampire and her sister got away from him. But he turned the sister into a vampire, and she’s now trying to find a way (since he never told her how to kill vampires), to learn how to kill vampires so she can kill him. So you have one sister going together with this guy to try to find her missing sister. And then the other sister learning how to kill vampires so she can get this guy and they’re all headed on a collision course.”

Red. Vampires. I’m there. If you’ve been frequenting CC and Chud for a while now, you know what a huge admirer of Near Dark I am. A total original, a hybrid western/vampire pic, something I could see Sam Peckinpah directing (and I mean that as a compliment) had he ever had a hankering to delve into the horror genre.

First things first, however. Red still has to push 100 Feet through the birth canal, something he was in the process of doing at this past weekend’s Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors in Secaucus, New Jersey where he was on hand to preview a couple of clips from the pic. Still no official release date on 100 Feet. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing that soon from Red’s camp.