Is it wrong to be sort of a fan of Fast and the Furious series of movies? If so, too damn bad. The first one was Point Break lite, a flick that was fun enough and dumb enough to justify existing and it did wonders for all the leading participants [especially Ted Levine, what with his political aspirations]. The second one was actually a good little flick and ingenious enough to cast Cole Hauser as the heavy. The third one [my amazing review] wasn’t that good, but not some sort of affront to man. I mean, how often are the third films in trilogies up to snuff, especially trilogies as esteemed as The Fast and the Furious Triumvirate?

A trilogy no more, the series steps into bold new territory with the fourth installment, Fast and Furious. As most of you know (because we’re all subscribed to FuriousFast: The Fast and Furious Fan Newsletter), it features Paul Walker AND Vin Diesel again. Reunited again for the first time as you’ve never seen them before.

USA Today has some new shots from the film and I think you’re going to shit your pants with excitement because in addition to a larger and more panoramic version of the picture above you’re also going to see a man clinging to a truck as Vin Diesel beckons to him.

Capillaries I didn’t even know I had are opening up because of the excitement. Especially knowing that Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster are reprising their roles from the original as well.


I like Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, especially when they aren’t doing kid’s films so I’m clapping inside, hoping this is a good little flick.