Gary Oldman said some unfortunate things about the double standard of political correctness in our media (or something, I don’t really care) and now he’s making the Jonah Hill circuit and apologizing to Jimmy Fallon and all the people who watch live TV at 11:30pm. Good for him. It takes a big man to admit when he’s said something wrong in the context of a Playboy interview. But it takes a bigger man to play a littler man. Gary Oldman is that littler man.

If you’ve already heard of Tiptoes, this is a great time to reexamine one of the all-time greats of psychotronic cinema. It’s got the melodramatic tone of a Tyler Perry movie, mixed with the the over-the-top, stereotype-heavy, comedy-stylings of a Tyler Perry movie. Only this time, Gary Oldman plays a dwarf.

For those of you who have not heard of this movie, know that it’s directed by Matthew Bright, who made the fun and sleazy Freeway movies. Know that Peter Dinklage has a French accent and has sex with Patricia Arquette. Know that Gary Oldman and Matthew McConaughey play brothers and that their father is the dwarf from Twin Peaks (Michael J. Anderson). Know that Gary Oldman’s character steals his brother’s pregnant wife (Kate Beckinsale) from him and the two end the movie living in a cabin in the woods together, awaiting the birth of another dwarf child. Know these things and despair.

I’m just saying, since he’s apologizing for things…