It turns out that Rob Zombie’s mysterious next film, Tyrannosaurus Rex, probably isn’t about dinosaurs. It looks to be about a hicksploitation film (the genre every Rob Zombie film thus far has been in) mixed with a post-apocalyptic film.

While the above poster, found by Shock Til You Drop at Rob Zombie’s MySpace page, will likely not be official art for the film, it does nicely evoke the great era of 1980s VHS tape covers – all it’s missing is a Vestron Video logo. There’s no doubt that I would have snapped this one up at Video Van and waited until everyone in the apartment was asleep to watch it, just in case the girl on the cover a) was actually in the movie (you could never tell with those videos) and b) got as scantily clad as the cover implied (also never an actual guarantee).

I’m hoping this is good – I didn’t want to hate Halloween as thoroughly as I did, and I would love to get back to being the guy who defends Rob Zombie, auteur, as I was after The Devil’s Rejects kicked my ass.