My most anticipated returning TV show of the year is, no shit, Nathan For You.  It’s a show that perfectly exposes the lack of altruism in the kind of television that claims to want to save your business, help people fall in love, or make anonymously talented people into singing/dancing stars. You could also think of it as a hidden camera show where none of the cameras are hidden and all of the “real” people are, first and foremost, interested in getting on TV. Why else would a small, local business ask a TV show for help? Why make that leap? Nathan knows and he’s able to reveal our society’s media training as just as ugly as the shows that gave us that training in the first place.

And it’s insanely funny.

The new season begins on July 1st on Comedy Central. This is going to be the season of Dumb Starbucks, but the “selling alcohol to minors” episode looks just as incredible, as does the gravesite advertising. I. Can’t. Wait.

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