A reader by the name ‘Java Man’ directed me to the Sony Pictures placeholder page for The Green Hornet, which now features the above logo. A logo is one of the most important things for a superhero film, so it’s good to see that Sony has at least this aspect under control.

Seth Rogen taking on an action movie isn’t so crazy once you’ve seen Pineapple Express; the idea of it not being fully comedic in nature may take some getting used to. But I get the impression that Observe & Report, the comedy from Foot Fist Way director Jody Hill that Rogen should have recently or will be soon wrapping up, will present a different enough character for us to realize he’s capable of playing more than Seth Rogen in every role. In that film he’s an uptight, petty dictator mall security cop, a long way from his usual laid back, stoner roles.

As the image says, this one hits in 2010. Let’s hope all goes well and Stephen Chow gets announced as Kato very soon.

*Why do people insist on using spy names when sending in non-spy stories? Believe me, I appreciate being tipped off to news and thank you profusely for helping out, but why are you so ashamed of pointing out public information to a web writer? I love you, and I think your loved ones will come to understand.