Well, it’s either that or just send in a bunch of attack dogs, lord knows one german shephard seemed to do plenty of damage by itself.

Now I haven’t seen The Hills Have Eyes 2: The Hills Have Really Gross Faces yet, but I am a huge fan of soldiers vs X movies. And that X is the same X used in algebraic equations to mean “whatever”, not Jason X (though as X could mean anything it technically could be I suppose). Dog Soldiers was awesome, Aliens is a bonafide classic, uh.. The Bunker didn’t completely suck.. oh yeah, and Predator rocked! We clearly need some more entries in this sub-sub-genre, and for that reason alone the new Hills Have Eyes has me a bit excited. We’ll see if my rose-tinted martial-loving glasses can overcome the mine full of complaints all the reviewers seem to have when discussing the movie.