Poor Bastard. You’d think he would just stay at home. It takes some major cahones to go to a party with a ventriloquist dummy stuck on the end of your johnson. Regardless of whether or not it’s supernaturally affixed.

Clearly those Saw fellows got a bunch of e-mails about how freakin creepy Billy was and decided that, “Hey, if ONE puppet is creepy, ONE ZILLION puppets will be the creepiest thing EVER!!!!11!! We’ll make MILLIONS! More!” And indeed the commercials for Dead Silence look pretty cool. It’s too bad the reviews have generally been toxic. I’ll undoubtedly see it (research and all), but I think The Hills Have Eyes 2 has managed to slip it’s misshapen form ahead of it on this weekend’s activity list. Though that only gets the nod because I feel like it might be vaguely unseemly to go to TMNT by myself at my advanced age.