Man, that picture of the angry hunchbacktress came out great! I hope I can still draw next week with my shoulder all dislocated from patting myself on the back and all.

I read an article on personal ads a while ago that said most people who submit ads are seeking someone very similar to themselves as far as general attractiveness and success are concerned. This was true for both guys and girls in the majority of the age ranges. That is until you got to men aged 30 to 45. Those guys were all seeking someone a couple of steps up in regards to attractiveness. An average ad might read-
SWM, 35, a few extra pounds, likes donuts and Star Trek. Seeking 22 year old lingerie model masseuse. NO FAT CHICKS!

Clearly our erstwhile dumper up there is in the magical 30-45 age bracket. Good luck with that. ‘Cause frankly that is one hot hunchbacked honey.