There’s nothing worse than competing with a former colleague; the erstwhile Mr. Beaks over at AICN very likely has the same source for this information that I do, which goes as follows: Bale as Robin Hood? Nope.

When the Daily Mail’s story about Ridley Scott hoping to cast Christian
Bale in Nottingham, his Robin Hood flick, broke  on Friday, my first instinct was
deep skepticism, but I passed it on anyway when sources weren’t
immediately available to verify or deny.

Turns out the skeptical impulse was the right one.

A persistently reliable source simply said ‘NO on
Bale’ when I connected with them this evening. We’ll work on further
details, like who Scott would like to cast, as the chance arrives. In
the meantime, pit your 3:10 To Yuma reunion fantasies on Ben Foster,
and another project.