That is one wily crocodile. Perhaps y’all have seen the trailers for Primevil. For some reason they try to make it out like it’s a serial killer movie. Perhaps they thought that way they could get the ladies into the theatres. Unfortunately they forgot to cast Ashley Judd and nobody bought it. And the people who might want to see a giant crocodile movie (also known as “Film Connoisseurs”) thought it was just another lame serial killer movie and didn’t bother to see it. Being a connoisseur of fine films myself, I have every intention of seeing it. I also intend to read the National Geographic article on it, because, you know, books are always better than the movies.

P.S. you can tell it’s a crocodile because it has a thinner tapered snout. And stalagmites are the ones on the ground because the word has a g in it. Just like ground!