Conan the Barbarian may be able to battle out of any situation with his Cimmerian brute strength, but it looks like even he is powerless when it comes to Development Hell. IGN has checked in with their sources at Nu Image/Millenium, the current folks holding the reigns on a Conan film, and there doesn’t seem to be all that much forward momentum.

We were advised that screenwriters Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua
Oppenheimer are currently penning their contractual rewrite of the
first draft. The filmmakers are still talking to some directors but
expect to engage more of them once they have a screenplay everyone is
happy with.

I would think that they might want to bring in a director earlier to help shape the screenplay, but I guess Nu Image/Millenium is looking for a hired gun to get the movie made, not someone with big vision.

Meanwhile, there’s a new Conan video game, Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures, which could – if it’s really successful – light a fire under the producer’s asses. As it stands now, though, I wouldn’t expect much news on this property until after the summer.