Man, I can remember reading about the sale of the rights to The Mutant Chronicles well over eleven years ago. Hell, during its lengthy development John Carpenter was even attached at one point to take over the project (he opted for Vampires and Ghosts of Mars instead?! Ugh!!).

Yes, it’s been an arduous road for this one, and it remains to be seen if the loooooong wait was well worth it or not, but the new one-sheet to your right, which has been posted over on the message boards at RAW Studios (Thomas Jane’s business venture with Steve Niles) barely gives you an idea of what to expect for this pic. Just as generic and uncreative as anything posted at the multiplex these days. Still managed to get that all-important floating head in there, too, even if was only in the background.

Moving along, in case you’re out to lunch on this one (or if you’ve practically forgotten about it, which is totally understandable given its gestation), directed by Simon Hunter (Lighthouse) and penned by Philip Eisner (Event Horizon), The Mutant Chronicles is based on the role-playing game of the same name. In the distant future, greedy corporations are embroiled in some serious global conflict over the planet’s meager natural resources, causing the world to fall into chaos. Seeing the planet is at its most divisive and ripe for an invasion, a legion of mutant invaders decide to pounce. Of course, there’s just one thing these mofos didn’t count on, Major Mitch Hunter (Thomas Jane). He leads a band of resistance fighters in taking a can of whip-ass out against the marauding horde. Ron Perlman and John Malkovich co-star.

Still no word on when it will be hitting theaters in our part of the world, but there’s a chance it will hit DVD and theaters abroad at some point this year. That doesn’t look too good, I think, for us seeing it theatrically stateside.

In the meantime, things continue to move along at a snail’s pace with this sci-fi/action/horror hybrid. Click here to head on over to the official site, which still leaves a lot to be desired. And, of course, don’t forget to check out the first and very, very rough footage below:

NOTE: One of our loyal readers, BubWilliams, gave me the 411 on the footage, which turns out to acutally be some proposal footage that was shot in order to obtain financing for the movie. Damn, and I thought I’d found something really rare. No wonder none of the stars are present. Anyway, the footage is still pretty killer, nonetheless.