You thought you liked the idea of Ridley Scott directing a Robin Hood flick where the Sheriff of Nottingham was the good guy and Maid Marion is really a whore? (That’s what I’m guessing, anyway…this is Sienna Miller we’re talking about.) How about adding Christian Bale to the mix as Robin Hood?

That’s what the Daily Mail UK is reporting. Or, more properly, they’re reporting that Ridley Scott really really wants Bale for the role, and who the hell turns down Ridley these days?

I like this idea because Devin would like it, which is another way of saying that Robin Hood could be a way for Bale to have some fun on screen. If Ridley doesn’t want to go fully dour, Bale’s villainous Hood could be terrific fun. I’m still not positive the DM isn’t blowing smoke up our asses (actually, I don’t really believe the story and wouldn’t put much stock in it without further confirmation) but this could be fun, so I’d like it to be accurate.