If you’ve been reading Master Control Program regularly you know how excited I am about Battlefield: Bad Company. The beautiful wanton destruction in the game just brings a tear to my eye, and the Gold Rush multiplayer games could just make the game worthy enough to dethrone Call of Duty 4 from its top spot…

EA and DICE have been good to us with hooking you guys up, and they haven’t stopped. We now have two copies of Bad Company to give away to two lucky readers.

They sent over a copy of both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions to give away, so you’re in luck either way, unless you’re one of those PC-only gamers (suckers!). Also note that these are the Gold versions that cost 10 bucks more, and comes with a poster, a behind-the-scenes doc, some strategy videos and 5 in-game weapons that everyone else has to level up for. Can’t beat that!

To win- shoot me an email here and answer the following questions-

1) Have you played a Battlefield game before?
2) Did you download the demo (or get it from us?) and rank up to level 5 for the free weapon?
3) What upcoming game would you like to see more coverage of on MCP?

Make sure to include your full mailing address and console of preference.

Good luck, and I’ll see ya online!