Out of nowhere I just got a serious email blast proclaiming the existence of a new international trailer for the Coen Brothers’ upcoming Burn After Reading. Indeed, the clip is hosted at MSN, and it’s a lovely little piece of work. More energetic than the last one and featuring a few new sights, this is a must-see. The film opens in September, and while the end of summer is never cause for celebration, when movies like this loom in the first days of fall I’m willing to lose my grip on the sunny season just a little.

Part of the reason I love this trailer so much is the kickass song used here. (And, to some extent, in the US red band version) It’s ‘Grounds For Divorce’ by Elbow, and I’ve embedded the video for the song under the trailer, because I can. That key riff is so damned good. ‘That’s fantastic!’ Frances McDormand pre-emptively cries. She’s right.

EDIT: Our embed system doesn’t like the way MSN builds their flash player, so just go over to MSN to see the teaser. Meanwhile, I’ve left the Elbow video embedded below for your convenience and happiness.