Lohan EverywhereThings have been slow here at the Creature Corner Troll Remake News Center. While those of us on the Troll Watch ’08 task force would have liked to get the scoop on the latest bit of casting news, the Troll-puter has been on the fritz. I couldn’t understand why it kept reporting that a Lohan was auditioning for a roll. I know Lindsay hasn’t had solid work in a while but the idea that she is working for some sort of dinner bread sounded absurd.

According to E! uber-blogger Marc Malkin, Ali Lohan, star of the hit reality series Living Lohan and sister of famed drunkard and alleged bread connoisseur Lindsay, auditioned for a role in John Carl Buechler’s Troll remake.

As somebody who watched a few minutes of Living Lohan, I don’t need the Troll-puter to tell me that it’s in the bag so get out of my face, Mom!

Word is that once she passes a drug test, Ali will become one with the role of Eunice St. Clair, a character made famous by June Lockhart and her daughter Anne Lockhart. Lohan is hoping to join a cast that currently features only one returning actor from the original film. As we reported previously, Phil “Midget Dracula” Fondacaro will reprise his role as Torok the Troll.

Buechler says that his $25 million independently financed Troll remake is “a retelling of the original story with some twists.”

If anyone knows about shaking things up with some twists, it’s John Carl Buechler. The director’s 1991 college opus, Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College redefined the way campus life was portrayed on film.

Keep checking back with the CCTRNC for further Troll developments.