When he’s not being insanely bull-headed and instigating his fans into becoming dumber Americans, Toby Keith fancies himself a filmmaker. And I guess I’m the asshole because IT’S WORKING.

Apparently making millions off of country albums, tours, and Ford commercials isn’t enough for Mr. Keith as his Beer for My Horses is headed towards screens this fall courtesy of Roadside Attractions and Lionsgate.

The film is written, produced by, and stars Keith alongside Southern luminaries like Ted Nugent, Rodney Carrington, and David Allen Coe as well as Willie Nelson and reliable folks like Tom Skerritt, Claire Forlani, and the recently revitalized Barry Corbin [whose one-two punch of performances in The Grand and No Country for Old Men brought back warm Wargames memories].

It’s not his first film, either. Broken Bridges featured Keith as well as his patriotic and down home musical stylings and if you’ve not heard of it it’s only because you’re great.

If you’re excited about this film it’s likely you own a Ford Truck, drink Coors Light, and know the shit out of some NASCAR and SCC football personalities.

The plot involves deputies saving a girl from drug dealing kidnappers. She is apparently not a Dixie Chicks fan or she would have been left to rot.