Those who saw The Wackness at Sundance this year almost universally loved it. The story of a misfit dope dealing kid (Josh Peck) and his misfit shrink (Sir Ben Kingsley) in 1994 New York City has been praised for excellent performances, a great soundtrack and perfectly recreating the first days of Giuliani.

Every couple of weeks since Sony Pictures Classics has dropped a new trailer. The difference between this one (hosted at IGN) and the three previous clips is quality; this red band version is actually good.

This is coming from someone who hasn’t seen the film, and this is the first clip that makes me think it might be as good as the Sundance crowd has been saying. It also makes Ben Kingsley’s performance out to be his best in at least five years, which is a welcome change of pace.

Depending on where you work, this might not be NSFW, despite being red band. Language is the big offender here, so if you can get away with reading Chud at work, you probably don’t have to wait until you get home to watch the clip.