If there’s one big takeaway from the Taken phenomenon that I hate it’s that people assume every Liam Neeson movie is of the same makeup. Unknown was owlshit, Non-Stop was Non-Good, and Taken 2 was a smash to the urethra. And they were all pretty much films that existed in the wake of the surprise Luc Besson imagined hit. Liam’s next is not a damn Taken clone but rather a film based on a great book from a great series that has been trying to make it to cinemas for over a decade. A Walk Among the Tombstones, based on the delight from the delightful Lawrence Block. It is not a shitty, thin book nor a shitty, thin premise. It’s a Matthew Scudder book, a phrase thriller readers get engorged over. Here’s a the trailer and while the film from Scott Frank may not end up majestic it won’t be for lack of source material. Enjoy: