Mark Wahlberg is in the shit right now after this weekend’s happening. He ran from wind. WIND. We saw him go from looking like a tough son of a bitch under the direction of Scorsese to running from the wind under the instruction of M. Night Shyamalan.  

And now he says that Max Payne, the gritty video game character he’s playing in the film of the same name, is his ‘most layered’. Unexpected words spoken to MTV follow:

“Max Payne is not a one-trick pony. It’s probably one of the edgier roles I’ve played but also the most layered. Here’s a very happy guy who worked a dismal job, had a beautiful family. But the beauty in his life was taken away. He just goes on a rampage. It’s all driven by emotion.”


“Two weeks out I was just dying. I wanted my life back.”

If you have to focus on anything from those quotes, make it ‘goes on a rampage’. I remember the game had a story, but it was hard to see behind the incessant rain of shell casings. Man, oh man, I’m scared about his role in The Lovely Bones.