“I will make sure no passengers will be hurt because of this.”

A movie about the still-missing Malaysia Flight 370? Isn’t there a less morally compromising way to make money? Like exhuming fresh graves and pimping out the bodies?

Variety reports that “Indian director Rupesh Paul” is trying to sell his film to investors at the Cannes film festival with this 90 second trailer and a poster with the tagline, “The untold story of the vanished Malaysian flight.” The proposed film is based on a theory by an unnamed Malaysian journalist (brave) who reached out to Paul and is now investing in the project. Paul estimates the budget at $3.5 million and believes he can have the finished film in theaters by August.

“People ask me one thing,” Paul said in an interview with Variety. “If you’re saying a theory and suddenly the flight is found and it’s totally the opposite, your investment will be wasted. We will be fools. That’s the biggest challenge I’m facing.”

No, your biggest challenge is a sociopathic disassociation with reality.

There are plenty of films about real-life tragedies—The Sweet Hereafter, Titanic, Heavenly Creatures, Badlands, etc.—the main difference being some semblance of closure for those real-life events and a level of artistic integrity that seems inherently missing here. Granted, I haven’t seen Paul’s previous films, Dracula 3D or Kamasutra 3D, but…fuck it. Nothing else to say here.