The French action/martial arts flick Banlieue 13 (or District 13 as you’ll find it on DVD in North America) is probably better known by reputation than for anything that takes place during the film. Star Cyril Raffaelli went on to choreograph fights for Louis Leterrier in The Incredible Hulk and he made a decent appearance in Live Free or Die Hard.

Raffaelli may or may not appear in the sequel. /Film noticed an open casting call for Banlieue 14, a sequel written (again) by Luc Besson and directed by Patrick Alessandrin. The date of the call was late May, so we’re a little late on the jump. That’s all we’ve got to go on, though the street jumping and navigating art of parkour is part of the casting call — it’s on the sport’s official blog — so B14 might not stray too far from the original film. Which means you probably won’t see it, either.