The viral campaign for The Dark Knight continues apace. I wondered why my Warner Bros contact asked me if I wanted a pizza the other day*, and it turns out that it was to tie into the website for Gotham City Pizzeria, (why not just Gotham Pizza? That shit already exists in Houston, aka the very asshole of Texas). You can visit that site and get joy from knowing what kind of pizza people in an alternate movie universe eat, but that’s not all! There’s value added content! Click on the ‘HA’ in Gotham City Pizzeria and you’ll get a clip from The Dark Knight that reveals Two Face’s cheek. Surely there are hi-res screencaps of this shit already on the web, and someone has created a vector model of what Two Face’s cock looks like and whatever stuff people who obsess over momentary film clips from mainstream blockbusters do, but I never got that pizza, so I’m too weak to find it.

If you don’t feel like going through the Gotham City Pizzeria site, you can get to the clip directly by clicking here. You can download the clip from the site and then post it on the CHUD boards without sending it in as a scoop or anything. Oh wait, that’s just the lack of pizza making me cranky.

Don’t you guys miss the comments section? Think of all the fat jokes I’ve earned here.

Oh, and by the way, this clip confirms a lot of what I’ve been hearing: Two Face is a major player in the third act of the film.

* note: it never arrived. Now you will all know why I am going to give The Dark Knight a 1 out of 10! You watchdogs should be working for Fairness and Accuracy In Media!