STUDIO: Koch Vision
MSRP: $29.98
RATED: Not Rated
    Strictly Confidential: Behind the Scenes


A former cop turned sex therapist investigates crimes.


Suranne Jones, Tristan Gemmill, Eva Pope, Seamus O’Neill, June Watson, Nimmy March and Kate Isitt

The most normal scene in this show.


Strictly Confidential centers around Linda. She’s a former cop turned sex therapist that has been brought in to investigate a string of auto-erotic asphyxiation deaths. The latest victim is one of Linda’s clients and her husband has been implicated in the murder. Throw in some problems at home and you’ve got a show or whatever the British want to call it. Last time I checked, they were cool with the term half a pence of ocular ribaldry.

British Telecom – The Ultimate Cockblocker


Straight out of the United Kingdom’s ITV, America gets to experience Strictly Confidential on DVD. This is the complete series run of six episodes. These episodes offer more sex and intelligence than any of the big three networks in their entire historic runs.  But, that’s not saying a lot. It only feels like it’s been five years since the American networks decided to kick it up to PG-13 levels of action.

Strictly Confidential is a standard murder mystery that offers up a lead detective that is kind of put off by the people she wants to help. It’s not that she can’t accept their chosen forms of sexuality. It’s just how they go about it in terms of their daily lives. Breath-play has always been a safety issue for those that are into the choke and spank. But, the show tries to connect it to being a natural progression into violence and murder.

She looks like Helen Hunt, but fucks like Elizabeth Shue.

Then, there’s the main character Linda. She’s a fucking headcase if there ever was one. When she rejects her husband for being infertile, it puts the viewer in this weird area. The writers want you to sympathize with her desire to conceive and to solve the crime at hand. But, she’s painted as nothing but a mega bitch.

The show offers up no sympathy and no one for viewer connection. It’s a cold work that treats the audience like an outsider in an unwanted situation. That might be great for tone, but it makes for difficult watching. Naturally, I can see why it was meant for only a six episode run. Any longer and any public/private channel would drop the mercy axe on its neck.

Slags on the Prowl.


Strictly Confidential comes to DVD with a decent TV on DVD release. We get a featurette that slides into the making of the show. It’s a puff piece that skirts around several of the more confusing aspects of the show. I wish that we could’ve got commentaries at least. I would’ve loved to hear the show runner or writers explain the Linda character. But, that’s not going to happen.

The A/V Quality is admirable, but it lacks anything spectacular. You get the same flat Dolby 2.0 that seems to be on all British shows. Throw on a transfer that has the PAL to NTSC glow throughout it and you’re not going to want to show this off on the Home Theater. This is quiet viewing. This is busy work viewing. Don’t put a lot of effort into watching it.

In the end, Strictly Confidential offers up six episodes of head-scratching murder mystery erotic. There’s no one likeable in the show, but that doesn’t matter. You get a hint of boob, when shit gets boring. That’s about the nicest thing I have to say. My verdict stands below.

Team-building works so much better with your shirt ripped and rolling around in the mud.

5.3 out of 10