STUDIO: Koch Lorber Films
MSRP: $26.98
RATED: Unrated
    Short Film: Calling by Matias Bize
    Deleted Scenes
    Interviews with the cast and crew
    TV Spots
    Theatrical Trailer


Two people fuck and talk.  


Blanca Lewin and Gonzalo Valenzuela

Is it an elbow or a vagina? Only time will tell.


En La Cama focuses on Daniella and Bruno after they meet at a party. After the coital boogie, the duo decides to open up and talk. Everyone’s defensive at first, but they slowly open up. Secrets are shared and a relationship might even be formed. But, based on what? That’s what En La Cama wants to investigate.

Just a forewarning, nobody gives a fuck if you would hit this.


Bize offers up something interesting with En La Cama. Can you pick someone up randomly and form something meaningful with them? There’s also the natural desire to bullshit the person. What the hell do you have to gain by being truthful? This person doesn’t you from a stranger on the street.

En La Cama is built upon this back and forth nature of interpersonal connection. Daniella stays pretty cold throughout, while Bruno wants to use this event as a chance to begin anew. Watching two people turn on each other after something like this is amazingly dark and leads one to wonder what’s going to happen next. Bruno comes across as a pussy by the end, but I don’t want to go there just yet. It’s easy to dwell on the finale, without paying attention to the meat of the film. The time spent after the sex and right before the thrilling conclusion.

Synchronized Fucking coming to NBC this August. Beiing Fever…CATCH IT!

What can you say about a film that centers around the awkward time after a random fuck? How’s about this being a film that has actually made me care about the economics of dramatic beats. What could easily be written off as banality shines through as the bitter nature of young people in lust. They don’t give a shit about anyone outside of themselves and the only real terror is opening up about how they feel. It’s brutal, it’s honest and it’s terrific.

Say what you want about International Cinema, but these fuckers know what works. Don’t bother giving me a three act structure and tinges of melodramatic bullshit. Show a one night stand for what it is. A chance for two people to hop in bed and fucking with each other’s head. Bravo to Bize for showing the truth.

Blurface meets indifference.


En La Cama comes to DVD with one of the most packed discs that I’ve ever seen Koch Lorber put out. You get a short film from the director, plus some deleted scenes. The rehearsals are kind of generic and don’t add much to the mix. What’s left is a handful of trailers and television spots. Yeah, apparently they were able to advertise this on television.

The A/V Quality is pretty good for being an indie. What kills me is that when they would push in for a two-shot of the characters, there would be a slight shimmer on the sheets. I’m not sure if this is edge enhancement or just piss-poor lighting. The audio is a rather non-descript deal, but the Dolby Digital track holds up for the front channels. It’s not reference material, but it gets the job done.

In the end, En La Cama is an amazing film about the dirty nature of fornication. Honesty on film is rare, go grab a shovel and ask Truffaut about it. But, Bize has found a way to get the banal nature of lousy fucking onscreen. If the directing had been a little tighter, we could’ve had something. Seeing such a good movie come undone by sloppy cuts and awkward lighting is really disappointing. I’d still recommend the film, though.

I can’t respect a woman this casual in bed. The fuckery should always end with a handshake or a knuckle sandwich. When in doubt, substitute the knuckle sandwich for some Memphis Mouthwash. But, never go for the Hot Springs High Hat. Never give a girl the High Hat. 

7.6 out of 10