Given his track record, we know composer Michael Giacchino can do everything that a Jurassic Park score would require. We also know that he’s not merely capable, but is actually a damn good composer with a wide range of styles. Just give a listen to any of the four scores above (or his work on the Mission: Impossible films, or his other Pixar work) and I think you’ll be convinced that Giacchino is one of the best possible composers to work on this film, excluding John Williams himself, of course. Let’s just be glad that Williams is working on Star Wars again.

I assume Giacchino won’t be abandoning Williams’ iconic themes from the franchise, which were also used in Don Davis’ surprisingly good score for Jurassic Park III. I tell ya, the more I hear about Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World, the more I like it. Even if it’s not a good film, we may at least get a damn good soundtrack out of it.