I’m really liking Matt Ryan as NBC’s new John Constantine. I was unsure of his casting at first, mostly because I have a soft spot for the Francis Lawrence adaptation that starred Keanu Reeves. Ryan seems a better choice than Reeves, and not just for looks alone. Yes, he’s got the accent, the hair, and the coat, but the snark on display seems much more faithful to the character’s origins than Keanu’s brooding pessimism. I’m sure purists will note the distinct lack of cigarettes, though.

NBC has proven that it can do horror, given the critical reception of Hannibal and the decent ratings Grimm has been pulling in. I’m also psyched for this because the pilot will be Neil Marshall’s return to the horror genre after an extended stint on period epics like Centurion, Black Sails, and Game of Thrones. My only real concern is the participation of David Goyer, whose work on other DC properties (especially Man of Steel) has left me cold.

NBC’s Constantine will premiere this fall, on Friday nights.