It’s that time of year, chewers: your favorite shows are on the chopping block. Some live to see another season, and some get whacked. Much to the chagrin of its fervent fandom, Dan Harmon’s Community, which just finished airing its fifth season, will not be returning. Something tells me that this won’t be┬áthe last of Community, though. The show’s audience is young and web-savvy, and I think digital distribution might be a likely platform if Community ever returns. Maybe we’ll see a Kickstarter movie campaign in a few years, like Veronica Mars.

Hannibal, on the other hand, will see a third season, and I’m elated. The show is one of the best things on television, and while not every episode has been great this season, they’ve all been gorgeous, disgusting, and immaculately directed. Mads Mikkelsen’s performance continues to cleverly redefine┬áHannibal Lecter. This season’s story arc is beginning to feel overly drawn out, but Bryan Fuller loves playing with the formula of the show, and I doubt that will be a problem once the third season begins.