The official site for Cameron Romero’s (yes, he is George’s son) Staunton Hill was finally updated last week. A brand new trailer, cast bios, stills from the film and wallpapers can be perused at your convenience; however, there’s still not much more on the status of the film. The movie is still tentatively set for release in the fall of this year, but there’s still no official word from the filmmakers on when exactly that will happen…or if it will happen. I’m guessing Halloween is what they’re aiming for.

Ah, the ups and downs of independent filmmaking, eh? Gotta love it…and hate it.

Speaking of the new trailer, it’s not so much a trailer as it is a single camera shot, with a montage of sound editing slapped over it. Nothing spectacular in the way of visuals, but you’ll without a doubt get a feel for the tone of the film via the sound effects. The filmmakers want it to be no-holds-barred horror, that’s for sure. You’ll probably get a better sense of things in the web page intro instead.

As far as the synopsis goes, that remains the same, too. The story’s about a group of hitchhikers who unwittingly become involved with the diabolical Staunton Family. Yes, conceptually it doesn’t sound like anything fresh or innovative, but for me it has two things going for it: it’s not a remake, adaptation or sequel, and a Romero is directing it. Just for that alone I’m willing to give it a day in court.

Head on over there and see what you think.