Now that The Incredible Hulk is Marvel’s second bona fide hit (although it won’t do Iron Man numbers, the film should be easily profitable), Louis Letterier suddenly finds his Gallic accent much more in demand in Hollywood. And he’s not wasting any time capitalizing on it, not even waiting for Marvel to attempt to Favreau him – he’s in negotiation for another film, this time at Summit Entertainment, aka the Company That Will Rule Hollywood*.

The movie is called Strays, and The Happening opened well enough that Summit comfortable calling it an ‘eco-thriller.’ The Hollywood Reporter says the story, by the guy who wrote Turistas, is about ‘a group of young consultants on a business trip to
Russia mysteriously wake up in an abandoned and radioactive city
and fight to survive the deadly obstacles in between them and
Chernobyl porn!

There’s no timeline on Strays just yet, so this could be what Letterier does before Hulk 2, or it could be after Hulk 2, or he could just not be brought back for Hulk 2.

* they’re making Twilight, the tween vampire movie that should make more money than Jesus, although taking into account that Jesus wasn’t really in a money-making field.