Telltale have finally released some information on what we can expect from the upcoming Tales from the Borderlands, a spin-off from 2K and Gearbox Software’s massively popular shoot n’ loot series, along with some screenshots that not only show us the series’ stars, con artist Fiora and data-miner Rhys, but also herald the return of this guy:



Zero’s inclusion suggests that Tales of the Borderlands should link pretty heavily to Borderlands 2, though the exact nature of the connection is as yet unclear. We wouldn’t be surprised, however, if more cameos are announced in the leadup to release, seeing how keen Gearbox have been lately to talk up theĀ – apparently- rich canon of the Borderlands universe. This is something that Telltale’s Adam Sarasohn not only agrees with, in a post on Sony’s blog, but is willing to up the ante on considerably by saying:

“Gearbox’s world is huge. The main Borderlands games and the DLC have only scratched the surface; they’ve built a world that rivals Star Wars in its richness. That sounds like crazy hyperbole, but the details, the characters and the history are all there. You just haven’t seen it all yet.”

The recent reveal of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel also made very clear that there was a wider lore to the franchise as yet unexplored by the games, but Star Wars is a hell of a comparison to drop. One can only assume that this wider universe was invented after the first game’s release, as it seems odd for Gearbox to have been sitting on this supposed treasure-trove of lore for two whole games. Still, with Telltale on the case it’s going to be interesting to see how all this reveals itself.