STUDIO: Retro Shock-O-Rama
MSRP: $29.95
RATED: Unrated
    Liner Notes
    Bonus Film: Caged Women


Reporter Emanuelle gets sent to prison and the shit goes down.


Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Ursula Flores, Maria Romano, Raul Cabrera, Robert Mura and Antonella Giacomini

Behold a still from the abandoned Pat Benatar music video for Queen of the Prison Rape later retitled Love is a Battlefield.


Falsely imprisoned by a corrupt politician, Investigative Reporter Emanuelle is tormented by a ruthless warden. This lady uses her guards and other prisoners to keep Emanuelle down. When four male Death Row inmates break into the prison, Emanuelle must battle to survive the Women’s Prison Massacre

As soon as she falls asleep, she’s going to get a finger in that ass.


Emanuelle has gone to prison several times. This DVD package brings us two prison adventures. The first film Women’s Prison Massacre is almost the same film as the second feature. The only difference is the cooler synth score. I swear to God, it sounds like they found classic John Carpenter and got him to score soft-core porn. This music has to be heard to be believed.

Women’s Prison Massacre and Caged Women work as soft-core spank films. A woman goes to prison for a crime she doesn’t commit. She gets raped with a broom handle or some big butch chick smacks her around. Eventually, the warden tries to munch her box and the hero girl freaks. These Women in Prison films tend to follow a formula.

Don’t you just love the guy on the far right? He looks like he’s going to tongue fuck that pump-action shotgun.

The film looks great, especially for such cheap productions. I’ve got to give it up to Retro Shock-O-Rama for delving into the archives to find these gems. I knew that I was in for a treat when we hit the waterboarding scene. Lesser companies would’ve trimmed this scene from the print, but these guys knew to keep it in. A couple of female guards are waterboarding some of the prisoners. They get excited by all the wet hard bodies, so they use their nightsticks to pleasure themselves. This Gitmo fuckfest was so bizarre to watch that I thanked my lucky stars that I got to review this title.

This duology of films is amazing. It’s so awkward what’s thrown onscreen, but you can’t take your eyes off those tits. Let’s call it what it is. These are films made and broken by their ability to get the tit and the poon onscreen. Both films succeeded without really making me that dumb. So, I recommend them for rental and purchase.

Dare you to pick it up.


Women‘s Prison Massacre comes to DVD with a packed release. You get two transfers for the main flick with remastered transfers. The bonus flick is almost a direct sequel to Women’s Prison Massacre. There’s no reason to watch Caged Women unless you’re really aching for some spank material. Even then, you’re going to be treated to a bevy of late 70s / early 80s bush. This shit looks like Victoria Principal’s hair from the third season of Dallas.

The A/V Quality is pretty impressive for such films. You can see how some of the makeup didn’t work out that well for actors. You can also the bevy of natural breasts flying past the screen in some sort of effort to make thirteen year old boys go blind worldwide. Why don’t they make films like this anymore? Hell, why doesn’t someone help to restore and save these films?

In the end, Women’s Prison Massacre is a lost gem that comes to DVD looking like a top production. Sure, you don’t get a ton of features, but there’s no need. You get two films dedicated to the good kind of prison sex. The kind where boobs pop lose of paper thin prison dresses and chicks put the penal back in penal colony. God Bless America!

The lead singer from The Flaming Lips is always getting into trouble.

7.9  out of 10