STUDIO: Sony Pictures
MSRP: $39.95
RATED: Not Rated


A married woman lives a secret life as a witch.


Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick Sargent, Agnes Moorehead, Alice Ghostley, Erin Murphy and Paul Lynde

Elizabeth Montgomery presents SLING BLADE in glorious Technicolor!


Bewitched started its sixth season with a change in Darrins. Nothing else really changed. Samantha’s new baby came and Darrin got to be a warlock for an episode. Uncle Arthur is still queer and Endora was still a cunt to Durwood. Some things never change. I guess that’s why old people blow their load over TV Land.

Little Tabitha knew that since the acquittal, R. Kelly was out there and waiting. No matter how hard she tried to barricade the door, he was going to break into her bedroom. Then, he was going to piss on her.


Samantha Stevens was always a piece of ass.  I was watching this older episode of The Twilight Zone that had Elizabeth Montgomery starring alongside Charles Bronson. Bronson was always the king of cool, but I was taken aback by how hot Montgomery was. This was right around when she was shooting the first season of Bewitched and she hadn’t really hit the limelight.

Bewitched – The Complete Sixth Season has one memorable moment that sets it apart from the rest of the series. A little more than ten years ago, Quentin Tarantino singled it out as the greatest moment in American Television History. Little Tabitha wants to go to the park and Samantha says no way. So, Tabitha uses her powers to clone her mother into a new swinging model. This chick named Serena is down for whatever and even breaks out into a song entitled I’m Gonna Blow You a Kiss in the Wind. But, that’s a later episode that happens closer to the end of this season.

The show jumped the shark this season, but that was to be expected. You can’t switch out main characters and not expect long-time fans to be bothered. Plus, they kept slipping into all of those long-running sitcom traps. There’s a new kid, there’s over-reliance on the old kid and they keep trying to push the supporting cast into the spotlight. It didn’t work that often, but you got a couple of good laughs out of it.

Witchcraft never translated that well to the small screen. But, Bewitched tried its best. Looking back, you’ve got to appreciate the oddball nature of the show. Trying everything and not really caring that much about continuity is almost novel again. I wish that we could have more shows about silly fantasy shit. The closest thing I can find on the air currently would have to be Pushing Daises.

It’s not that mommy wants to kill you in your sleep. It’s just that Satan demands certain things of mommies and daddies. Your pure soul is just one of those things. Now, let’s get you tucked in.


Bewitched – The Complete Sixth Season comes to DVD in a similar package to the other season releases for the show. You get the episodes packed pretty good on several discs. There’s no space given for supplemental material, but you get nice long burns of five to six episodes straight before having to change out discs. Nothing’s worse than when you have to get up and switch shit out. Longtime TV on DVD fans know my pain. I’m lazy, but I also care about conserving disc space.

Pregnant witches eat a lot.

The A/V Quality is pretty good for a show of its age. The disc space was used well to give plenty of room for the best transfer possible. The mono track is sharp and offers up the dialogue and bare sound FX in the central channel. There’s no reason for it to be big and it doesn’t try to be. It’s just the way you remember it from all of those re-runs. Doesn’t that provide for some comfort?

In the end, Bewitched is still the same in Year 6 as it was from the pilot. There’s no need to change the fact that Samantha can fuck you up by twitching her nose. But, she’s a good witch. The kind that you don’t want to drop a house on. It’s a shame that she’s dead.

Witches in the 60s always dressed like your grandparents’ basement furniture.

6.9 out of 10