CHUD’s already shown that it knows monsters better than anyone, so who better to compete in a competition for Spore?

We last told you about the game here, and more specifically about the Creature Creator software that will be available for download this Tuesday, June 17th. It’s the most popular part of the full game… the part that allows you to mix and match all kinds of animal parts together to create your very own creation and scream “It’s alive!” to your heart’s content.

To celebrate the release, they’re throwing one helluva competition. Myself and at least 50 other much more famous people will be trying to win over the votes of millions of people all over the world. We’ll be creating our own Creatures and uploading videos to Youtube. The winner will get 15 grand to donate to the charity of his or her choice, but with people like Stan Lee, David Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris, David Arquette, Adam West and Elijah Wood in the running… well, we’ll see what kind of chances CHUD has.

(I’m just hoping to at least beat Stan Lee. Let’s hope he doesn’t have any help from an artist and ends up with a Striperella monstrosity.)

The Creature Creator is just as intuitive and addictive as you’ve heard. Here’s a glimpse of the first creature I made in literally 10 minutes-

Yep, it’s Pod People‘s Trumpy. He’s magic!

So keep an eye here and at (which hasn’t launched yet) this week when the competition begins. I can’t wait to see what kind of twisted creations some of these people come up with…