STUDIO: RHI Entertainment
MSRP: $14.95
RATED: Not Rated


A lone sniper has to save his pal during one last mission.


James Remar, Mario van Peebles, Catherine Mary Stuart, Bruce Boxleitner, Jon Braver and Nick Hermz

Remar Comes Alive!


Sharpshooter  is the tale of Dillon (James Remar). He’s a Black Ops sniper that has called back in by Flick (Mario van Peebles) to settle the score with a gun-runner. Dillon’s family is threatened and then the shit goes down. Bullets fly and fists are thrown. You know the deal.

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The lone soldier on one final mission is older than dusty shit.  Rambo did it, Braddock did it, Charlie Sheen did it in two Hot Shots movies. By the time that James Remar decided to cash a check for this who cares? It’s just another fucking wreck of a movie that I’m sure will spawn more.

Sharpshooter is a fucking blip until the ending. Dillon stages a Commando style assault on the gunrunner’s private island fortress. He goes through all of this weaponry and then he stabs the guy in the chest with a stick. A fucking stick in the chest is the final set piece. Fuck this movie.

The last thing I see in many a GTA IV and COD 4 online match.

I wish that I could explain away the film with a simple crude remark. But, I want to give it some credit. It got Mario van Peebles out of bed and in front of the cameras. When I look at that guy, I can’t believe how far the apple fell from the tree. How in the fuck did Sweetback make a kid that stars in this homo-erotic shit?

The film is garbage that was originally passed off onto the television and DTV market. It stinks of cheapness and failed dreams. Why should I bother using my free time watching this? Why should you? I know that the freaks in the B-Movie fandom will keep this shit in profit making margins. But, why? Rewarding bad films only tells the bean-counters to slide some coke money and catering cash to this shit.

Solo’s two number one fans.


Sharpshooter comes to DVD as the first edition in a seemingly budget line of DTV titles. No expense was spared to produce this DVD. That’s why there are no supplements and no quality to be found. What you get is a shitty movie on a shitty disc. Plus, they throw in a keep case.

The A/V Quality is decent for being shot so cheap. It’s plagued with edge enhancement and digital noise throughout the heavy action. But, that tends to settle down during quieter scenes. The Dolby Surround does nothing with the heavy Sound FX sequences, but that’s to be expected. Sadly, there’s nothing to show off here. It’s pretty abysmal.

In the end, Sharpshooter is forgettable.  There’s no reason to pick it up, as this is the kind of shit that makes a basic cable afternoon. You’ve seen better action elsewhere. You’ve seen better acting elsewhere. This is the kind of movie that you’re only going to see again in a gas station bargain bin. It’ll be under the Mexican soap operas.

When this baby hits eighty eight miles per hour, you’re going to see my career turn into shit.

0.7 out of 10