STUDIO: Anchor Bay
MSRP: $26.98
RATED: Unrated
    Widescreen Presentation enhanced for 16×9 Tvs
    Teaser Trailer
    Audio Commentary with Co-Executive Producer/Writer/Editor/Director Jesse Baget, Director of     Photography Tabbert Fiiller and Actor  Adam Huss
    Wrestling The Maniac: Behind-The-Scenes Of WRESTLEMANIAC


A film crew discovers an insane Mexican wrestler.


Rey Misterio Sr., Irwin Keyes, Adam Huss, Leyla Razzari, Jeremy Radin and Margaret Scarborough

Donkeypunch Reyes always make sure to bring his camera along to tape the transients he murders then fucks.


Wrestlemaniac  opens on an amateur porn crew heading to Mexico to film some porn. They get the bright idea to spend the night in a sleazy ghost town. Somebody starts telling the story of a gigantic maked wrestler who would rip people’s faces off. The director has a new idea and he wants to shoot his porn in the ghost town. Thus, the Wrestlemaniac is awakened. He wants to see some tits and stomp on some skulls.

I hear that if you give the guy with the flashlight some Funjuns, he’ll blow you.


The film is pretty fucking generic. But, it revels in its ability to be nothing. There’s no secret history of the Wrestlemaniac or his little ghost town. It’s just a big mother fucker in a mask killing people. Plus, there’s a lot of tits.

Wrestlemaniac knows it audience well and its brief running time plays to that fact. The film is the entire plot summary. When you hit that ending, it’s like a brick wall greeting a drunk driver at the end of a hard night. Where there any good kills? No. Some asshole gets thrown in a wrestling ring of death and then it’s over.

The major failure of the film is that which makes it so great. The shit factor of the film is so immense that it’s great for late night viewings. It’s just that you shouldn’t pay top dollar to buy this DVD. It’s a joke that gathered too much steam and turned into a nice tax shelter for some rich asshole.

Blurface strikes back!

If you still give a damn about this movie, you’re probably on drugs.  I’ve been accused of being on drugs for liking shit entertainment. I’ll never admit to my recreational uses and abuses, but I will say this. I couldn’t sauced, baked, flaked, fried, hammered, rolled and blitzed to enjoy this shitpile. I’ll be honest with the readers for a moment. I’ll get fucking wasted sometimes when writing this shit if it’s bad. You’ll notice how my style of writing changes from the start of the review to the bottom.

A little extra fuel in the tank and I start getting some extra thoughts on these films. Things like, why do wrestlers think they can act? I’m not talking about legit roles, I’m talking about the fuckers who can’t handle schlocks. Such sorry sons of bitches that’ll blame the bad roles on others, when they can’t bare to look at themselves. No one made you star in Wrestlemaniac. No one made you crush that girl’s face. The one with the gorgeous tits and the feet so dirty that only Tarantino could wank to it. I hate you, Wrestlemaniac.


Wrestlemaniac hits DVD with a decent special edition.  You get a trailer, commentary and a making-of featurette that covers the film. Naturally, they’re not that in-depth and nobody offers an apology for this cinematic dump. But, that’s the sign of art. The ability to take a dump on canvas and getting someone to pay through the nose for it.

The A/V Quality is decent considering the cheap nature of the film. There seemed to be some trouble with digital noise during the evening exteriors, but it’s not a big problem. The Dolby track is clean and carries the violence pretty well. What stands out is the commentary. There’s not a lot of tech talk, but there was discussion about the difficulties of shooting so quickly.

In the end, Wrestlemaniac is the kind of film that no one wanted to see. So amazingly bad that it defies the belief of a benevolent supernatural being. Yahweh, Jesus or even his Infernal Majesty Satan wouldn’t bestow this garbage upon their servants. What we’re left with is something damned dwelling on the bottom rung of the Blockbuster shelf. This movie is straight from the taint of the Dread Dormammu.

Fatty has bitch tits and blur face.

1.0 out of 10