Last year you were thrilled by the news that Todd Philips and Jack Black would finally be working together. Not thrilled? Mildly pleased? How about passively disinterested? Hadn’t actually heard? Nor had I.

Then you’ll be happy about this: Black has skipped out of Man-Witch, the project on which he and Philips were meant to collaborate. Variety speculates that it’s an agency squabble, while THR reports that Black’s people didn’t like Philips’ being distracted by his other upcoming project, Hangover.

Man-Witch, in addition to being one of the most delicious sandwiches in a can (Just add meat? Done!) is about a man who discovers his talent for witchcraft, which leads him to teaching at an all-girl witch academy. Sadly, the project is still moving forward. Is there a possible actor to cast that would make that sound like a good thing? This irritating voice in my head says Tony Hale, but why would I want to do that to him?