What follows is almost 100% non-news.

An L.A. Times blog has an oddly fawning but nearly endearing introduction to Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, the partial focus of which is the fact that Edgar Wright’s movie based on the property is meant to begin shooting later this year under the title Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

While it’s a fun read and decorated with embedded songs referenced in the books, the piece has more speculation than fact regarding Wright’s film. O’Malley doesn’t open up at all about what’s going to hit the screen.

“You know, I’m drawing a black-and-white comic book. It’s dead silent. I honestly don’t hear music in my head that much for the individual bands, and in terms of ‘mood music,’ I’ve been trading mix CDs with Edgar Wright ever since we were first introduced, and I know we’re pretty much on the same page.”


“I guess they’ll probably be doing a lot of the music in advance because I’m already hearing rumblings of who’s doing what, and it’s pretty exciting.”

That’s it? Despite my whine, I’m happy that Wright has been able to keep this thing quiet. I know the point will come (probably next month) where we start to hear some real details about the flick. For now, the tease has me fully on the hook.