You loved Robocop yesterday, and today New York’s licensing trade show brings you the logos (proposed) for a quartet of upcoming Marvel films. Thor‘s is a bit silly, but appropriate to the movie we understand they’re hoping to make. But it’s the Avengers one — a full appropriation of the mid/late ’80s comic logo — that I really like. Thing about that one is, the arrow’ed ‘A’ always makes me think of Hawkeye. (In my mind, he was a big part of the team at the same time this logo was in use, but I might be mixing eras.)

Man, I hope they don’t put Hawkeye in the movie.

I’ve already seen lots of grousing online about Marvel having a logo and date for IM2 without Favreau’s guaranteed involvement, which suggests that his words at Comic Con last year are already forgotten:

I’m used to: you write a script, shop it around, maybe attach a
star, get the resources to make the movie, you shoot it, cut it, show it, get
distribution, you come up with a marketing plan and a release date. Here you
get the title, a poster and the release date.

[via MTV]