So, The Trade Paper That Broke Up The Beatles is reporting that Eric Bana has been cast in Judd Apatow’s stand-up (don’t call it a) dramedy, but you already knew that already ‘cuz Devin done broke that shit over a week ago.

But let’s give Peter Bart’s stormtroopers a little credit for sussing out the actual title of the movie (Funny People) and adding a couple of cast members (Jason Schwartzman and Jonah Hill). They also add a little detail to the still-pretty-threadbare plot: one of the main characters in the film (Adam Sandler or Seth Rogen) has a near-death experience. But then he whips out the sledge-o-matic and it’s laughs aplenty!

We already know that Rogen is prepping material for the film (which is scheduled to begin production this September), so I’m going to assume that Sandler is going to work the clubs a little this summer, too. In other words, keep your ear to the ground re: impromptu sets at Laugh Factory or The Comedy Store – or, if they wanna be semi-sneaky (and play to a friendly audience), the UCB Theater on Franklin Ave. We still don’t know if Leslie Mann is playing a comic or a civilian in the movie; either way, I think she’s incapable of sucking like Sally Field in Punchline.

If Apatow nails the stand-up milieu, he’ll make a terribly depressing comedy about the most self-centered, smoked-out, insecure people on the planet – and it’ll be an absolute classic. Don’t mistake this for contempt: I worship the craft. I dabbled in it for a few years. I had the honor of losing my first ten-minute set at Stand Up New York to Damon Wayans, who regaled an adoring audience with fart jokes for close to an hour. But I can count the number of friends I made in those clubs with my dick.

Can’t wait to relive that joy. Do it up real, Judd.