Tuesday morning I sat down in front of M. Night Shyamalan’s really (sadly) terrible The Happening. Amazingly enough, something almost as bad ran first: the teaser for Alex Aja’s new film Mirrors. I honestly didn’t even realize this was Aja’s movie at the time, perhaps because I was too busy contorting my face in simultaneous surprise and laughter. (That ain’t easy.)

Yahoo has the teaser and looking at it a couple more times, my reaction hasn’t really mellowed. There are tidbits I like, but Kiefer’s line about the mirrors gets me cackling every time. Maybe it’s just me, but the only vibe I get from this is DTV. I like Aja, despite having real misgivings about his first two films (Haute Tension and The Hills Have Eyes remake) so I hope this is just a really bad teaser and not a pure indication of things to come.