I just like how excited the girl zombie looks as she realizes she could perchance enjoy a delicious gall bladder soon. And really, who wouldn’t? As we all know, gall bladders store bile and I’m sure, being a zombie and all, her little gall bladder’s all shriveled up like a raisin and she can’t emulsify as well as she used to. Poor little zombies.

I love the parts in movies where the monsters get explained and Pseudo-science reigns triumphant. From harried scientists in labcoats explaining how exactly a guila monster got so big to the reaver dissection in Blade 2, I can’t get enough. The key is watching such things with equally ignorant people. When my father explained that the giant ants in THEM would be crushed under the weight of their exo-skeletons I think I almost cried. And when I made some comment about some nubile young coed getting covered in monster-bile, and my brother said it would just emulsify her, all I could do was look out at him from under my sloping forehead and craggy brow and say “Emulsifa-whaaa?”