What in blue blazes is this? It’s Maps to the Stars, David Cronenberg’s latest film, and I should be excited. Instead, I’m left with the aftermath of that soggy clump of clips. One can only hope it’s just a bad trailer, and not the harbinger of a godawful mess. Julianne Moore looks like Lindsay Lohan here, which is amazing and hilarious, and just weird enough to be in a Cronenberg movie. I’m excited to see Mia Wasikowska doing stranger roles since her performance in Stoker, but after the heavily mixed reception of Cosmopolis (which I haven’t seen), I’m gonna be very, very wary of this until I see some footage that makes a little more goddamn sense.

There is no solid release date for Maps to the Stars yet, but we’ll supposedly see it in the US sometime this year. Even if it’s a rotten film, it’s still got enough star power to make a limited release. C’mon, Cronenberg. Don’t let us down.

UPDATE: Thanks to Drew Dietsch for alerting me to this better-looking (but still bug-fuck-nuts bizarre) French trailer.