Talk has been building over the last few days about a Captain America cameo Louis Leterrier supposedly shot for The Incredible Hulk after he mentioned it on Attack of the Show.
Word has been that it’s part of one of the scenes that hit the cutting
room floor; there was certainly no Cap cameo in the print I saw on

Now SOS Hollywood says their forthcoming interview with Leterrier
has more details. [Spoiler!] Specifically, they quote as follows:
“There’s a point when Bruce Banner gives up on his quest for the cure
and decide to kill himself. So he travels far North and reaches the
Arctic Circle…when Bruce arrives at his destination he meets up with
Captain America!
[No more spoils!] Furthermore, the director says the
clip will be online sometime, somewhere this week and then appear on
the DVD as well.

What amuses me about all this is contained within the spoiler tags that
follow. [Spoil me!] There is a perfectly good representation of Captain
America in the film. It’s just that his name is Emil Blonsky, not Steve
Rogers. Those shots in the trailer of Tim Roth standing toe to toe with
the Hulk? Those are after Blonsky has been injected with a version of
the super soldier serum, and his moves in that sequence give you a
better idea of what Captain America might be like than seeing some
blonde guy with a shield talking to Banner.
[Enough with the spoil!] But
everyone gets a boner for Rogers. We just can’t wait to see red, white
and blue chainmail.