Loads of pictures are flowing out of the 2008 Licensing International Expo, which began yesterday in New York City. Amid the familiar sights (G.I. Joe) and cool ad teases (Where The Wild Things Areon display at AICN is this rather unimaginative look at where MGM might be leaning for their proposed Robocop remake.

I wouldn’t take this image too seriously — think of it like the pre-sale stuff you see coming out of Cannes.  What Cannes is to movie sales in general, this show is to all things potentially genre and toy related. If MGM can generate interest from licensors with the Robocop redo it’ll be far more likely to go forward based on a design that looks something like this. This could even be a photoshopped and reworked collage of existing elements and not represent anything wholly ‘new’.

So be happy this image is so bland. Who’d want to license that?

Though MGM is thinking ‘the year we make contact’ with respect to this project, there’s been no creative team announcement as of yet. Best info we have says it’s still at the treatment stage.

[Thanks to Christopher Read for pointing us to the original image, hosted here.]