I remember a time when an action-packed trailer for a Star Wars movie set in the Clone Wars (even an animated one) would have filled me with excitement. Hell, I remember when the stirrings of the Imperial March would make me salivate like a nerdy-ass Pavlov’s dog. But now it elicits… nothing.

The new trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated movie/TV series has some neat action and promises the kind of Jedi asskickery we had hoped for in the Prequels, but it seems like it’s too little, too late. I’m wondering if the problem isn’t the time period – all pre-A New Hope stuff feels hopelessly tainted – but then again I don’t ever feel the interest in revisiting the original films either.

What’s most interesting to me is that – from what I have seen – there’s almost zero buzz about a canonical Star Wars movie coming out in two months. I suspect that I’m not the only one who has found their love of Star Wars reduced to a distant memory.

Click here to see the new trailer.