It’s time to rejoice. The McSpaced remake is dead and the original Spaced is finally coming to American DVD this summer. As a way of celebrating, Edgar Wright is going to be hosting some events around the country; the first is here in Los Angeles, at the LA Film Festival.

Spaced: Invasion USA on June 24th will find Edgar presenting two complete episodes of the series, along with some clips. The night will be hosted by Matt Stone, a real huge fan of the show and one of the funnier guys walking around these days. And all of this exceptional goodness can be yours for just 12 bucks a ticket.

Click here to buy your tickets NOW (I have a feeling they’ll go fast), and I’ll see you at the Regent Theater.

Meanwhile, Edgar still hasn’t decided which episodes to show on the night. Head over to his MySpace blog to pitch your favorite eps – I put my vote behind ‘Gone,’ the episode with the immortal finger gunfight.