There’s a real tradition in Britain of films about youth in revolt. Alan Clarke’s movies cover the (so-called) exploitative end and Malcolm McDowell’s pair of early starring roles (If… and, obviously A Clockwork Orange) nail the artistic side. What props up the mainstream middle? Say Harry Potter and you get the cane.

Boy A fits partially in the fine tradition, as it begins with two young boys killing a classmate. From there, however, it launches forward to the 24-year old post-prison life of one of the pair. The film played to mostly enthusiastic audiences at festivals from Toronto to Tribeca, and hits limited released in late July. Apple has the trailer up, so you can get a taste of the new troubled youth.

If nothing else, I love this trailer for the few glimpses afforded of Peter Mullan, who has been mostly absent from the screen for a couple years. I liked him in the human trafficking drama True North, sadly not available on DVD in the states, but still haven’t seen him in Brit TV show The Fixer. Mullan’s a great chap and a solid character actor; my man-crush continues unabated.